Inpatient Services

In Patient Care at Turiya is offered for patients who need assisted living, palliative care, respite care, transition care, and hospice care. The ambience at Turiya is soothing, with airy well lit and centrally airconditioned rooms and 24 hours nursing care. Daily visit by senior consultants. Specialist visit on need basis. We have and in house psychologist and physiotherapist for patient requirements.

Turiya is equipped with alpha beds, facilities to give oxygen, intravenous fluid, multiparameter monitors for monitoring ,enteral nutrition including tube feeds, catheter care , drain care managment, tracheostomy care, stoma care, and wound care.

Pain management at Turiya integrates WHO prescribed step ladder pattern of analgesia including morphine along with acupuncture and homeopathy.

Turiya is equipped with a hygienic kitchen and food is prepared in house by a professionally trained chef to provide healthy, nutritious, and hygienic food for patients based on their customized dietary requirements.